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10 reasons why UK tech is against Brexit and voting remain in EU referendum poll

One of the most important votes in UK history is just three days away, with the country heading for the polls on Thursday 23 June to vote to stay or leave the European Union.

We have had months and months of arguments on both sides of the in/out debate – economy, trade, investment, soverignty, and immigration just some of the topics hitting the headlines.

While you may be in, out or undecided, the UK tech industry has publically declared its allegiance to the reamin camp, with a myriad of tech business leaders and tech organisations publically stating their support for a Britain inside the EU.

A techUK poll found that 70% of the 277 tech business leaders they surveyed were in favour of styaing in the EU, with only 15% in favour of a Brexit and a further 15% sitting on the fence.

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But why does UK tech want to stay in the EU. Correlating all arguments put forward by various individuals of the UK tech industry, CBR gives you the top 10 reasons why UK tech is voting remain.


1. Brexit could stall the UK’s tech growth engine

Three days shy of the official polls opening, 34 of the UK’s leading tech bosses published a letter in the Times newspaper on Monday 20.

High-profile individuals such as David Stokes, CEO, IBM UK; Andy Isherwood, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Julian David, Chief Executive Officer, techUK; Michel van der Bel, UK CEO, Microsoft; and Cormac Watters, Managing Director, UK, SAP, were among the 34 signatories of the letter.

Publically standing firm in the Remain camp, all 34 bosses argued the point of a stronger economy and a better position for international trade. In the published letter, the tech leaders said:

"Tech companies are not starry eyed about the European Union, but repeated surveys of start-ups, SMEs, investors and corporates make it clear that the overwhelming majority would vote to stay in.

Why? Because we believe staying in the EU is the best choice for the UK economy. According to techUK members, most of whom are small businesses, being part of the EU makes it easier for them to trade and do business across Europe. It makes the UK more attractive to international investment and makes Britain more globally competitive. A decision to exit the EU would leave tech firms and their customers, facing significant and prolonged uncertainty and leave the UK side-lined on key decisions that will shape a digital market of 500 million consumers.

The UK’s tech sector is a global success. It is growing faster than the rest of the UK economy and creating new businesses and jobs across the country. EU membership has underpinned that success. A vote to leave would undermine it.

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