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10 Internet of Things growth predictions for 2015

IDC’s FutureScape report reveals the latest findings and predictions on the Internet of Things (IoT) between 2015 and 2020.

CBR highlights 10 need-to-know predictions from the report’s findings.

1. 90% of IoT data to be hosted in the Cloud

The study predicts that more than 90% of all IoT data will be hosted on service provider platforms within the next five years, as cloud computing reduces the complexity of supporting IoT "Data Blending".

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2. 90% of IT networks risk IoT security breaches

Another 90% of all IT networks will have an IoT-based security breach by 2017, although many will be considered "inconveniences". Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) will be forced to adopt new IoT policies.

3. IoT at the edge

By 2018, IDC expects 40% of IoT-created data to be stored, processed, analysed, and acted upon close to, or at the edge, of the network.

4. IoT and network capacity

IDC also reveals the scale of challenges facing network managers. Half of IT networks will go from having excess capacity to being network constrained within three years, with nearly 10% of sites being "overwhelmed".

5. IoT and non-traditional infrastructure

By 2017, 90% of data centre and enterprise systems management will adopt new business models to manage non-traditional infrastructure and BYOD device categories.

6. IoT will include all industries by 2020

Today, over 50% of IoT activity comes from manufacturing, transportation, smart city, and consumer applications, but IDC expects all industries to roll out IoT within five years.

7. IoT and the Smart City

IDC also expects 25% of all government external spending to be allocated to IoT by 2018 as local governments compete to build smart cities.

8. Open source will challenge proprietary IoT

By 2018, 60% of IT solutions originally developed as proprietary solutions will become open-sourced, which IDC claims will allow a rush of vertical-driven IoT markets to form.

9. Wearables will play a big role

Within five years, IDC predicts that 40% of wearable tech devices will have evolved into a consumer mass market alternative to smartphones.

10. Millennials will accelerate IoT adoption
By 2018, 16% of the population will be Millennials and IDC expect them to play a big role in the acceleration of IoT adoption.
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