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Is Facebook worth it?

There was a report released today suggesting that an increasing number of people are accessing Facebook via their mobile phones. In June, mobile monthly activity grew by 18% in the US and 22% to about 22 million users in the UK.

What’s more, about 751 million people use the social network’s mobile service, with the average user opening the app 10 to 15 times per day. Why are people logging on so often?

All it does is connect people. And as we continue to share our personal details with friends, Facebook embraces every detail – our likes, dislikes, love lives, habits and obsessions. It uses these details to help companies target us, earning billions for a small circle of employees and investors. The longer you stay on, the more money it makes.

Is that right? Are there concerns about third party storage of data and instant personalisation? Your postcode, gender, name and date of birth are all that is needed to steal your identity. Those details, thanks to Facebook, and many others are out there.

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What’s more, sitting behind a computer, posting more pictures and finding out what your ‘friend’ ate for breakfast after a while seems, dare I say it, a bit boring.

Yes, there are some benefits such as staying in touch with family and friends abroad, easy access to entertainment and marketing opportunities, but is it worth it? Should we rethink what privacy means to us when considering Facebook’s relentless attempt to make money out of our data?

Let us know your thoughts.

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