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Hortonworks announces services to help boost data management

Managing data deployments is about to become easier for customers as Hortonworks has announced its new Operational Services.

The services aim to simplify and quicken the procedure to achieving data-driven insights for organisations. Hortonworks’ services will help customer manage large data deployments as well as maximising the value of their data much more quickly.

Customers will be able to receive the services on a subscription based service, providing a fully managed environment for customers of Hortonworks Data Platform. Additionally, customers will have access to experience Hortonworks support teams around building and managing modern data platforms.

“At its heart, Hortonworks Operational Services is designed to reduce complexity when building, deploying and managing big data, whether it is on-prem or in the cloud,” said Scott Gnau, chief technology officer at Hortonworks. “Hortonworks has extensive experience running the entire Apache Hadoop stack in production, at scale, on the most demanding workloads. With a proven track record of supporting our big data platforms at leading companies and on multiple tiers, we are in a unique position to efficiently manage the operations of customer environments at high performance.”

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Hortonworks announces services to help boost data management
Customers get a helping hand in the data management world.

Today many customers face a lot of challenges when attempting to drive growth in the power of their data, which Hortonworks outlines a key driver in the implementation of its Operational Services. The services will help provide support and creation as well as on-going management for businesses, so that they benefit in both the short and long term.

The services that will be provided by the new announcement include architecture and on-going management, which aims to simplify the deployment of big data for companies. This will allow businesses to focus more on developing their own data-driven applications, whilst Hortonworks manages the data. Customers will receive 24/7 support, multi-tenancy management as well as planning and forecasting for the future.

“Managing Hadoop-based distributed systems may be difficult for many enterprises, particularly those lacking the operational expertise or resources to hire skilled personnel,” said James Curtis, senior analyst for data platforms and analytics at 451 Research. “As such, Hortonworks Operational Services targets this challenge by providing a fresh approach for organizations looking to reduce risk and simplify the management of big data deployments.”

Other areas the service will provide help with include the proactive management and maintenance of data, so that organisations are confident that there is continual operational productivity of the platforms. This means Hortonworks will provide around-the-clock monitoring and management, with weekly reports and reviews as well as continual management and reporting.

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Furthermore, a key area organisations must consider today is the changing environment and how to be flexible with data workspaces. Businesses must be able to be flexible, in scaling up or down for their environment and Hortonworks’ services aim to help with this as well. The operational services aim to adapt to the data needs at the existing time, as well as offering interoperability of new data clusters within their existing infrastructure and back up management.

“As a leader in global data management, enterprises can depend on Hortonworks to reliably and efficiently build, maintain and manage their data platforms, allowing them to instead focus resources on driving value by harnessing the insights within their data,” said Gnau.
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