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Happy SysAdmin Day!

What have you done over the last year to earn this day of celebration?

We save the business a lot of money! About four times our wages to be precise, automating processes, finding cheaper but equal solutions, and generally allowing the business to grow without spending more money or hiring new people – often at short notice. Sure that’s what we’re paid for, but if it wasn’t for IT then businesses couldn’t evolve and expand anywhere near as quickly.

How are you planning to celebrate?

I doubt anyone else in the business even knows the day exists, if they do I’ve not had anything! But we’ve no time to celebrate, there’s work to be done. I did have a nice bacon sandwich at lunch, but had to sort that out myself.

White papers from our partners

One of my colleagues will probably be going for a few drinks at the Spiceworks SysAdmin Day celebration event in London as he’s in the capital on a day off anyway!

Have you enjoyed any amusing experiences at work over the past few years?

Many of the funny things that happen are only amusing when you look back on them. Here are some of my favourites:

– Someone took out a whole batch of desks by spilling his Fanta on the plug sockets, the look on his face was priceless.

– A guy in a van ran over both his own and a colleague’s PDA at the same time

– Employees coming to you with an urgent project they need for the next day, but requires specialist equipment that takes two days to order.

What would you do if the system crashed on SysAdmin Day?

Exactly the same as I’d do on any other day – curse fate, and then fix it!

If you could have one wish on this day, what would you wish for?

More budget – if we can do this much with next to nothing, imagine what we could do with serious funding?
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