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Top 5 smartest Smart Cities in the world

Smart City has become an increasingly popular term in recent years, but what exactly are Smart Cities and which city is the smartest of them all?

A Smart City is an ever more prevalent urban development strategy that uses new technological advances to tackle it’s problems, often by collecting massive amounts of data gathered from the daily actions of its inhabitants in order to find the most efficient way to run certain systems in future.

Due to major economic and environmental changes, the continued acceleration of technological progress has led to new ways to tackle the problems of climate change, urban overcrowding, and ageing populations which are placing increased strain on many major cities ageing infrastructure.

Research author Steffen Sorrell said: “When addressed effectively, the impacts are substantial: higher economic productivity, potential for new revenue streams and services as well as a measurable benefit in reduced healthcare costs”.

White papers from our partners

A report from Juniper research looked at many cities from around the globe and evaluated them across 40 metrics to determine that these are the five smartest ‘Smart Cities’ in the world today.


Which island city-state off southern Malaysia came top of the list?

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